Shock Alternative

Are you bored of L2, but there is no opportunity to constantly learn something new and swing from scratch? Have you known this world up and down for a long time? Do you want to play with any class and be in demand?

Then Shock Alternative is for you!

Intrigued? Then read below!

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Features of L-ALT

And now we will introduce you to our brainchild and how we transformed the game!
We will tell you who it is for and how to get new emotions from the old world!

О чем эта игра?
What is this game about?

The old, kind and beloved game of all of us usually boiled down to "pew-pew" by archers and "puff-puff" by mages. Two or three classes on Olympiad, which were pumped out exclusively on the "tail" of the orcs-destroyers. The rest of the time was devoted to monotonous extraction of resources, catching the necessary skills from Life stones and other not very exciting activities.

In our version of the game, we are trying to break the vicious circle and make all classes self-sufficient: for exping, in battle and on Grand Olympiad. More skills, new ways to boost characters and variety of group compositions. The era of two-button play is a thing of the past.

Реворк баф-системы и баланса
Full rework of buff system and balance

We've reworked the entire buff system and equipment balance to make the game feel smoother and more fair. Now you don't need 100500 windows for exping and farming! From now on, you won't be a zero if you were killed in mass pvp without a noblesse! No more insurmountable advantage if you are behind in level and grade!

Let's say "No!" to sit on butt for days and nights, as a factor of success! Let's say "Yes!" to individual skill. In L-ALT you will feel comfortable in any situation.

Клан не функция — клан это семья
The clan is no longer a function, clan is a family!

Realizing how important game socialization is, we have significantly expanded the capabilities of clans. Now academics are not just a source of CRP, but also a part of your little family. From now on, they will be with you right up to level 76! Clans, in turn, will be desirable for academics, because new passive skills and effects that endow a clan when owning a castle or fort will be an excellent tool for development. And for those who cannot see life without PVP content, we have prepared new surprises and opportunities!

Lively and wide market!

At L-ALT, we have made a huge emphasis on market relations between players. Any equipment or weapon creates by craft. And considering how we reworked all sets, you will certainly want to collect as many of them as possible, for all occasions. Coupled with the very powerful Rare gear rework, crafting is much more in demand than ever. Life Stone can now be inserted anywhere: even in pants, even in an earring, opening up a huge potential for customizing your character.

As a result, the economy absorbs and processes tons of resources, recipes, adena, HPs and sharpenings. Everything is in use, everything is in price. And everyone will definitely find their niche!

Differences from the Lineage 2

One glance is enough to compare what the game was once
and how it was transformed in the realities of L-ALT! Better, more colorful, brighter!

Start playing now!
OBT soon!
TFF сервер Orfen
14.01 - 31.01.2022 First stage
  • Rates ×3
  • Epic: AQ, Core, Orfen
  • Max lvl 60
  • Sieges 30.01
  • Olymp c 55 lvl
more info
TFF сервер Spring
01.02 - 28.02.2022 Second stage
  • Rates ×3
  • Rates 1st stage ×5
  • Epic: Baium, Frintezza
  • Max lvl 74
  • Sieges 13.02
  • Olymp c 70 lvl
more info
TFF сервер Inpulsa
С 01.03.2022 Third stage
  • Rates ×3
  • Rates 1st stage ×5
  • Rates 2nd stage ×7
  • Epic: Antharas, Valakas, Freya
  • Max lvl 80
  • Sieges 13.03
  • Olymp c 78 lvl
more info
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You won't be bored!

Do you remember this feeling when you enter the game and don't know what to do?
We solved this problem and created a cyclical schedule of events on our server!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
16:00 Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB
17:00 - - - - - Dark Invasion Dark Invasion
18:00 - - - - Olympiad Olympiad -
20:00 Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB Spawn RB
20:00 Dark Invasion Dark Invasion Dark Invasion Dark Invasion Dark Invasion - -
21:00 Queen Ant Orfen Core Queen Ant - - -
21:00 Fights 3х3 Fights 3х3 Fights 3х3 Fights 3х3 - - -

(Each stage has it's own schedule!)

Questions and answers

10 levels inclusive.

Never. Even if used fairly, this skill will quickly devalue everything in the market, leading to the collapse of the economy.

Exp is also required.

Bonus + 25% to exp / sp / adena / drop / spoil for all account characters, on all project servers.

More info in special topic - .

Donation Coins (SWC) are tradable. You can purchase them from players on the market for adena, or exchange them for other valuable items and purchase any item from the store.

VIP doesn't work without an active PA (Premium Account).

Scheduled maintenance carried out every Tuesday at 11:00 (Moscow time). The approximate duration is 2 hours. This time and day of the week weren't chosen by chance. Team members live in different time zones, so getting together too sooner or later is extremely problematic and fraught with unnecessary problems due to fatigue.

Still have questions?